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Hi, My name is Adam, but my friends call me A.J. I’m obsessed with all things music, and I always have been. I’ve been playing guitar for over ten years and I won best instrumental soloist back to back at the W.V. state show choir competition (and yet for some reason my bands think I’m a bass player?). A few years ago I decided it wasn’t enough to simply play guitar; I also needed to learn every spec out there and teach myself to fix/hot-rod them. I’ve never worked on a guitar that was too big a challenge for me (even the job I did with less than 1 inch wire pieces).

I’m currently pursuing a degree in music technology in an effort to further my music career. Since I started, I learned more specs about microphones than I ever thought possible. I’ve also become well versed in Pro Tools and Logic Pro and many recording devices. I’m grasping the science behind the perfect song, and learning more and more every day. I’m seeing sides of music I never would’ve known existed before.


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